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Starting point.

The freelancer's life is very busy: multiple projects, video calls with clients, proposals, delay payments, reviews, learning, personal finance, family,… and sometimes the time is really short to do all that.

The first problem that makes someone to fail in the project of becoming a freelancer is bad financial planning.

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the problem.

How much money I'm making this month? When is a payment due? Is my income increasing or decreasing? Which payment is due today? Which one is overdue?

These questions come to mind, and not having a clear answer push freelancers to make wrong decisions and have no peace of mind about their income.

Applying the design process.

I deeply researched, run user interviews and used surveys to understand how freelancers currently manage their financial life. After researching, studying and talking with the freelancers' community, I found the main root of the problem: it's not easy as should be keeping track of all the earnings and remember when a payment is due or overdue, and this prevents freelancers from planning and making wise decisions.

Most freelancers don't use any tool use or they use spreadsheets, so we decided to create end-to-end platform instead of a complex stack of tools that will take care of all the financial part of the freelance life.

Wireframes & feedback.

With my co-founder and iOS engineering, we brainstormed and explore different ideas on how we could solve the user problems and provide a better service than the others. We create a first low-fidelity prototype to help us to validate some design solution. I run multiple user testing sessions and collected comments and feedback from real freelancers.

The first version of the app.

Based on the feedback I improved the prototype and redesign some feature of the app that users didn't find easy to understand. After I created an improved high-fidelity prototype with all the UI element designed and run some additional user testing sessions.

The final result of the first version of the app is a slick mobile tool with a great user experience to simplify the freelance life by:

👆 Track all the incoming payments
✌️ Check and analyse the progress
🤟 Get reminds when it's time to get paid


I also worked on providing a final prototype with micro-interactions that can push our user experience to the next level and increase the quality of our product.

High resolution video

We have just started.

Incomee is a project that I'm working on with an incredible iOS developer. We collected more than 800 emails from users that are interested in the project. 

We just launched our private beta to first 100 users and the feedback are very positive and helpful to improve even more our app. I'm also working on the desktop version of Incomee and we planned to launch it the next May.

We just started but we believe that keep our users as the core of our process will help us to create the best tool to manage their financial life.

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